Midwest Diamond Buyers is a company specializing in  purchase of consumer-recycled gold, diamonds, jewelry and watches. We are a registered member of recognized organizations that oversees the administration of sales of jewelry. Our core values are customer satisfaction and integrity.

We have put in place various means to ensure the safety of your precious item. We have formed a collaborative relationship with a reputable logistics provider that safely guarantees delivery of your stone within a short time.  You can also stop by our offices to get a quote for your items. Also you always have the option to reverse the transaction if you choose to get back items bought from you.

Once the transaction is concluded between both parties, we allow you choose between a check and bank wire payment. Your mode of payment can also be determined by the amount of money involved.

Not at all. We purchase every type of diamonds we will offer a  competitive estimate for your precious stone.

The value of a diamond is determined by four factors namely; Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut and certification We have a dedicated team that will take a critical look at your diamond and analyze these elements to give you the best price possible.


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