We are here to ensure a fast and transparent transaction insuring you that you can leave with payment faster then you thought possible, so if you have old jewelry or unwated jewelry, unwanted diamonds or unwanted watches timepieces call in today and get payed today!

As a Company that has transacted in high volumes of diamond purchases with various personals, we can confidently inform you of our ability to pay you immidietly. Midwest Diamond Buyers have done countless transactions with the public and the trade we maintain a level of integrity and approach to transparency to satisfy our customers.


At Midwest Diamond Buyers, we understand the process of selling your diamond can be a complicated experience especially if it is your first time doing it. as soon as you require the assistance of a trusted buyer to purchase your jewelry who will keep the details confidential. These are some of the attributes you should search for in a seller before commencing any process of purchase of diamonds;

  1. REPUTATION: As they say in boxing you are only as good as your last match, we feel the same when it comes to business, we are only as good as our last business deal, we make sure to make the best effort to get your business and get business referred to us  in the future. our reputation is us, our future and our children’s future.
  1. TRANSPARENCY: Look out for a diamond buyer who has a simple approach evaluating  your diamond. Midwest Diamond Buyer will be glad to show you how we arrive at the estimate of your jewelry. Avoid buyers who want to coerce you into selling without letting you know how they got the value of your jewelry.
  1. KNOW MORE ABOUT THE MARKET: Ensure the buyer is a  dealer who is conversant with the trends in the market as the sales of diamonds, and other valuable items can be complicated.
  1. SECURITY: Make sure your diamond buyer is providing every means to secure the transaction such as providing video footage of the process when opening customer’s packages  in addition to strict adherence to security policies.
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